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The Search For Easier Visibility Across Borders in Australia

If you were to hazard a guess as to what country has the stricter immigration policies between Australia and the USA, I’m guessing most would think . that the latter wins the crown? You’d be forgiven for making that assumption given the current administration in charge but accprding to one man and his marketing company […]

1950’s Onwards

1950s According to David Day, ‘Customs had always been an uneasy amalgamation of clerical and law-enforcement divisions’. In the 1950s, the establishment of preventive officers made clearly defined organisational distinctions between clerical/revenue collection officers and those in a law-enforcement or community protection roles. Preventive officers became the new face of Customs: the uniformed officers of […]

1934 Era

1934 Under the White Australia Policy, non-European immigrants were required to write and sign a passage of 50 words in a European language as directed by a Customs officer. Those who failed the test were refused entry to Australia and were deported. The most famous case involving the Dictation Test was that of Egon Kisch, a […]

1915 Era

1915 At the time of Federation most Australian colonies had introduced income taxes, each with its own rules and administered in its own way. This was further complicated with some jurisdictions recording tax according to a taxpayer’s residence, and other according to where the income was earned. Increasing populations and mobility between states following Federation […]

Pre Federation Timeline

Pre-Federation Overview 12th/13th Centuries The origin of ‘Customs’ can be traced back to the 12th/13th centuries where it is referenced in the Magna Carta, as a long-standing term for the collection of duties on imports. 1810-15 Smugglers’ lookouts built at Barrenjoey and La Perouse in New South Wales. 1845 Construction is completed on the first Customs House in Circular […]