About the Australian Border Force

Australia has one of the largest and most challenging border environments in the world. Our border extends around some 37,000 kilometres of coastline, much of which is in remote regions. It includes eight major international airports, more than 60 international seaports, and an offshore exclusive economic zone covering 10 million square kilometres of ocean.

The consolidation of the immigration and customs border functions within a single operational organisation—the Australian Border Force—in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will strengthen our border, create efficiencies and further reduce structural vulnerabilities and duplication. This consolidation of knowledge and expertise will build on the vision for the future. A single operational organisation will foster trade and travel so that their full economic benefits can be realised. In doing so, it will also improve Australia’s national security and deliver certainty and prosperity to our nation and its people.

The ABF will exercise border controls on behalf of 52 Commonwealth, state and territory agencies. It will be a single frontline operational border agency with statutory responsibilities to enforce our customs and immigration laws. Its focus will be strengthening the protection of our national boundaries and building a system where criminals are faced with the most impenetrable borders that can be devised, but where legitimate traders and travellers are unimpeded by border processes.

Those who serve in the ABF should take pride in their role in making Australia a safer and more prosperous nation now and into the future. Those who served within the various Customs departments over the years deserve our thanks and praise. All these officers have held the weighty responsibility of protecting and enhancing our nation’s prosperity by managing one of our country’s greatest strategic assets—our border.

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