The Search For Easier Visibility Across Borders in Australia

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If you were to hazard a guess as to what country has the stricter immigration policies between Australia and the USA, I’m guessing most would think . that the latter wins the crown? You’d be forgiven for making that assumption given the current administration in charge but accprding to one man and his marketing company that regularly travels to both, Australia is the tougher border to cross.

SearchButlers is an SEO agency with offices in Melbourne and New York. The owner, Sean Butler has played the part of an immigrant in both Australia and America having lived in both countries over the last 6 years. It is his belief that Australian border and customs control is the strictest of the three. It takes longer to get through customs in the US but that’s just on sheer volume of applicants. The conversation with US officers is a cursory glance, verification question and then a stamp of your passport. In Melbourne airport, the process was exhausting and one stutter and the suspicions of the “real reason” he was there were raised. The truth is he was meeting his clients from the Melbourne side of his business. “It’s far easier to win clients overseas than it is to actually meet them face to face” posits Sean. I love Australia but it’s so far to come and if the guys on the frontline have any doubts then you best make sure your visa is up top date and all accounted for as its a long way to travel just to get sent back again. Thank goodness for the virtual meeting options that are available – still there’s no sun like an Aussies sun!