Border Force Weirdest Stories

You would think that most border force officers have seen it all. From drug smugglers to illegal immigrants to people bringing exotic pets home in their suitcase. If you can think of the weirdest thing you’ve heard of that would be possible or necessary to import or export, it’s likely been tried and caught by the wonderful people at the ABF or other customs teams across the world.

When we asked James Blackburn of the ABF to name the things that were the weirdest to have seen he decided to not talk about snakes on a plane or heroin surgically embedded in someone’s legs, he talked about massage oil and g-strings! It was back in 2016 and the team at had to catch a flight last minute to Las Vegas for their latest male dance troupe tour and they were late to the airport. In their rush, two of the guys had forgotten to check their massage oils into the checked baggage and took it through in their carry on. It was over the allotted mm allowance and was flagged by the scanners. When James’ colleague – a female officer opened the bag she pulled out to her happy surprise not just the oil but two black leather male g-strings for the show. It was busy at the airport there were gasps and cheers from onlookers and then a third colleague started to sing out loud – you can leave your hat on – a reference to the English movie “Full Monty”.

One of the guys started to pretend to perform and it was all in good spirits but we had to shut it down before Shirley got a bit carried away.. Its safety first at The Australian Border. No time for a strip or a tease!